These are all my blogs im currently running, I’m planning on closing some, but would like to know what everybody else thinks, I guess you could say I’m taking a survey on each one.

The blogs that have the little red heart are not in question & are completely safe, feel free to follow them to your liking,

The blogs with the skull & cross bones are most likely going to be deleted unless, I see that the followers would prefer it stay open.

As for the blogs with the Truth Icon, theyll be judged the same as the blogs with the skull and cross bones, but they have a better chance of staying open.

Now I’m not asking for a certain amount of followers, I look more for loyalty.

So feel free to follow any of the blogs to your liking, I hope to have this finished by November 5th, which is 4 days before I leave to Walt Disney World Resort!

Also the last two blogs are blogs i created for myself, so they arent in question.

Now I’m also taking ideas & suggestions for new blogs as well, but that I’ll take care of after my trip.

Also it be best you message me at the blog at question, rather then on my main page.

WWell that’s all for now, feel free to reblog, the more the marrier!

This blog is up for deletion, your thoughts?

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting but you can always find me at peneloperd, feel free to follow me there. I follow back all my followers. :)

posted 6 months ago

Jeffrey: Do you want to save our paper, or not?
Viki: Don’t you get smart with me.  
Jeffrey: There should be no question, we run with this.  


You’re welcome tumblr.


Corbin Bleu <3


crap job, but i found this picture of corbin, kristen, and max (from Catch That Kid), so I had to just post how sexy they are now.


Corbin Bleu then


Corbin Bleu now